Anyone a fan of folk-rock? How about Americana? We always hope that there will be a new generation out there somewhere who’s still in this genre, not that we do not like today’s hit like Shape of You or those Selena Gomez and new boyfriend hits. We know, we know, we hear you. Only a few in the generation today could only recognize musical hits way back your parents or grandparents only know. Ask your parents about it, if they are a fan of folk-rock and Americana music they sure know Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. Who does not? Well, I’m not asking the Sheeran generation today.

Stephen Kellog is a known American singer and songwriter born November 28, 1976, born in Massachusetts, USA. He was also the former leader of the band Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. He formed the band in 2003 and went on a hiatus and got disbanded in 2012. Although dissolved, Stephen continued to tour solo with his ex-band members who are occasionally joining him perform on stage. Kellogg also had the chance to give TEDx a talk about job satisfaction in 2013. In February 2016, Stephen released his new album having South, West, North, East which Paste Magazine commented as a triumph while Blurt Magazine called it as a terrific album. The concept of the album was literally to record the songs in “South, West, Nort, East” of the United States having different co-producers and a different group of musicians to complete the album.

Stephen Kellogg is also into charity work despite the busy schedule. He always finds time to find a way to help St. Jude’s Children Hospital and other charities he admires and is close to his life. He spends the time to sell handwritten lyrics to raise money. He also participated in MyMusicRx a program of the Children’s Cancer Association where musician performed in bed known as the in-bed music festival. It was also the world’s first music in bed festival.

Kellogg and the band also performed for the Armed Forces of United States as their way of saying thank you to the new heroes of this generation. In 2009 and 2010 the group toured with the Army in places like Israel, Bahrain, Kuwait, and a hospital in Germany. Later on, the band was called Armed Forces Entertainer of the Year. Although the Sixers got disbanded in 2012, Kellogg continued in his passion of giving entertainment to the army and once again he traveled to Africa and the Middle East with the troops.

Today, Stephen Kellogg is well living with his wife, his high school sweetheart, and their four daughters. They live outside of New York City. Questions? Head over to our contact page for answers.