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  • Mayan Hammock vs. Nicaraguan Hammock

    For many backpackers, the choice of hammock or sleeping pad is a no-brainer. If you’re going to carry the extra weight, you may as well take the extra comfort. However, for the ultralight backpacker, these items are often considered luxury items or simply not taken into account when calculating pack weight.

    But what if it came down to a choice between a lightweight hammock and a lightweight sleeping pad? Which is better for the ultralight backpacker? Let’s know more which of Mayan hammock vs. Nicaraguan hammock will reign. Read more.

    Why Choose Mayan Hammock?

    A Mayan hammock might be an easy way to get into the world of the hammock, and the fact that they are very light and easy to carry would be a plus if you are going on a trip or camping. A Mayan hammock is an ancient form of hammock that is made in the same way that they were made centuries ago. The ropes that are used to make them are made of cotton and are made with some very simple knots that can be easily undone to remove the hammock from a tree. The best thing about a Mayan hammock is the fact that they are so easy to hang up. It can also be a double Mayan hammock that can accommodate two persons.

    Why Choose Nicaraguan Hammock?

    In the battle between the Mayan hammock vs. Nicaraguan hammock, why should you choose a Nicaraguan hammock? Well, if you are looking for a comfortable, relaxing, lightweight, and rust-resistant place to nap, you have come to the right place. Nicaraguan hammocks are one of the most popular hammocks in the world. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. You can get one for the whole family, and you will all enjoy it. Nicaraguan hammocks have a long history and are loved all over the world for their high quality and comfortable support.

    Which Is the Best?

    The Mayan hammock vs. Nicaraguan hammock has a lot of differences. The Nicaraguan hammock includes a Nicaraguan hammock frame that is very economical and works well for camping. The Mayan hammock is made of hand-spun cotton and is one of the most comfortable hammocks. The Mayan hammock is even used as a bed in some countries.

    If you are planning to go camping in the wilderness, you may be wondering which type of hammock you should carry. Although both types of the hammock are designed to give you the unique experience of being suspended between two trees, they are designed for different purposes.

    A Nicaraguan hammock is designed to be handy, while a Mayan hammock is designed for comfort. The Nicaraguan hammock is meant to be used to sleep in, while the Mayan hammock is typically used as a lounging hammock. Visit to know more.

    While there are some noticeable differences between the two (the most obvious being that one is made in Central America and the other in the jungles of South America), the differences don’t …

  • Top Drum Wrap Companies

    In every gig or concert people attend to, you can easily identify who the performers are. Being always in the center, every drummer has their own signature look they proudly sport and where better to see that than their drums. These designs not only represent the person behind the drums but also affect the overall vibe that the performer wants to convey to their viewers. Keeping your drums in style and uses only the top wraps is a must especially for these top companies that offer quality drum wraps that will surely make you stand out and make your crowd jump.


    Rockskins is a full service computer graphics and print company that is equipped to give drummers around the globe customized graphics for their drum sets. Their goal is to cater to drummers and musicians of all genres around the globe and build relationships within the music industry. Rockskins passion is helping drummers express their style through more than just music but through the appearance of their drums. They offer extensive library of graphics to choose from as well as in-house designers and specialist artist able to work with you on your designs from start to finish. They also have VIP/Backstage Pass Program wherein loyal customers receive special discounts, exclusive promotions, advertising, and endorsement sponsorships. You’re purchase from Rockskins will give you a great looking drum set! Visit the Rockskins website to find out why they are one of the top drum wrap companies.


    Walopus is a family-owned company that is also operated by them. Since 2015, they have been producing numerous drum wraps specializing in various sparkle wraps available worldwide with an unprecedented value-for-money ratio. They offer over 160 standard wrap finishes and also customized wraps. With the help of their raw materials supplier, they develop their own type of drum wraps that offers great value, durability, flexibility and of course appearance. Aside from making wraps in the factory, they also do drum re-finishing, and testing new finish and material combinations for wraps.

    Bum Wrap Drum Co.

    Bum Wrap Drum Co. was founded in 2013. Since then, they produced drum wraps in 19 categories exhibiting unique styles and design and offer custom-made wrap from your own digital file. All their wraps are high heat laminated graphics and uses UV ink so they will not fade or bubble in high heat conditions that can last for years and years. They are known to offer quality wraps at such affordable price. Their wraps can be installed on raw shells or over your existing wrap with their no-glue policy and they can be removed with no residue ever touching the original finish.

    These are just some of the top companies who care for what your drum needs. If you find yourself looking for a store to buy your kit a new wrap, don’t hesitate to give them a call and start rocking while sporting their drum wraps.…