Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers is an American rock band founded in Massachusetts USA in 2003. Kellogg was the lead singer of the band, Kit Karison the piano and bass player, Brian Factor their drummer, and Sam Getz the electric guitar and pedal steel player. In 2011, Chip Johnson joined the band to play bass. They also had former band members named Chris Soucy, a singer, electric guitar and bass player, but now is the director of The Paul Green School of Rock Music Denver. They also had Kyle Riabko in 2007 and 2008 who plays the role as Soucy but left the band early to pursue a solo career in Broadway theaters.

In nine years of playing and dancing through music, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers was able to produce seven tracks throughout years. These include:


Stephen Kellogg and the Sixer released their own tracks before the band was dissolved which includes:

Bulletproof Heart – 2004

Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers – 2005

The First Waltz – 2006 – CD/DVD set

Glassjaw Boxer – 2007

The Bear – 2009

Live from the Heart: 1000th Show, Irving Plaza, NYC – 2010

Gift Horse – 2011


Stephen Kellogg also released his solo tracks before and after the band was dissolved which includes:

Invest in Us – 1994

Rain Summer – The Stephen Kellogg Band – 1995

Buffalo – Stephen Kellogg and the Root Cellar Band – 1997

South of Stephen – 2000

Muskrats, Mullets & Mesh Caps – 2001

The Early Hits (1992-1997) – 2002

Lucky 11 – 2002

Blunderstone Rookery – 2013

South West North East – 2016


Members of Sixers also released their solo tracks:

Brian Factor

“January Bridges” – 2006

“Dead Language Demos” – 2007

“Part or Execution” – 2010

Trevor Jackson

Kyle Riabko and Boots Factor Are…- Trevor Jackson – 2008

Sam Getz

The Vig- “Around and Around and So On”- 2010

Welshley Arms- “Welcome” – 2013

Chip Johnson

This Winter Room- “Losing the Paper Moon” – 2011


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